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SEOhog Focus: ROI

Since SEOhog has been in business, we have seen many local and national competitors join the search engine optimization or internet marketing industry. So with the introduction of new talent in the market, it must be difficult for businesses to locate those diligent and transparent internet marketing professionals that can really get the job done.

At SEOhog, we are a local Denver SEO company focusing on delivering results to our clients. There are many talented search engine optimizations companies here in Denver and nationally. So with all of the possible options, how does a company select which internet marketing firm or SEO company is right for them? Tough question.

ROI (Return on Investment) SEOThe graph above was created by RealTSP, simply click on the image to visit their report on their ROI driven approach. The team at SEOhog is genuinely different (stick with me here, I know this is similar to the last SEO site you read) than most SEO professionals. This is because the team is focused on the ROI (return on investment) for each project. So, the focus of any one of our SEO campaigns will be the clients end goal. Whatever the desired result (more leads, more inquiries, more online sales, more.... ) is, that is and will be one of the key performance indicators of any client campaign. Our clients are mainly interested in growing their businesses and so it is imperative to know whether their internet marketing campaign is delivering or not.

Over the last six years (since our inception) we have learned many valuable lessons when it comes to internet marketing and unfortunately your website's ranking in any of the major search engines is not the only "key performance indicator" to pay attention to. SEOhog provides comprehensive solutions to internet marketing issues. Not every project is the same and not every campaign is equal and so it is important that your internet marketing campaign really reflects your company's culture and character.

SEOhog will focus on the bottom line from the very beginning. The only reason any company wants to hire an internet marketing firm or search engine optimization company is to not only rank on the 1st page of the search engines, but also to get more business. Through our advanced tracking system SEOhog can provide reliable reporting that not only shows the progress of your site in the search engine results pages but also how many calls or emails you have received and of those how many are NEW clients or customers. Many of the projects that we have worked on in the past have enjoyed a low cost per lead that is unheard of with some accounts driving the cost per lead as low as $5.01/lead! This is for a highly self-qualified prospect who is interested in your products or services right now.

SEOhog is completely insurable and accountable for each project that they take on which is exactly why it is important that there is a good chemistry and working relationship. This is exactly why SEOhog cannot accept every project or account. The team at SEOhog is extremely thorough and it is important for our team to under promise and over deliver on every project!

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