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Reputation Management Package


Protect Your Brand

Protect your Online ReputationWe make sure when a potential customer researches your brand or company, they are consumed with positive information and good reviews. If someone searching your brand comes across a misleading review, they are 83% less likely to call or continue to your website resulting in a lost sale.  We will continue to monitor the search results for your company on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Our efforts will push any negative URLs to the 2nd or 3rd pages and optimize all of the positive URLs to the first page for your company name!

Suppress False and Misleading Reviews

With a seemingly endless amount of sites and forums for people to publish reviews, managing a positive rating has become difficult. Viewing reviews of your business is extremely easy and eight in ten people rely on the information they gather from these sites to make purchase decisions. No matter how well your company is run, if your potential clients are finding negative reviews online, you are losing business. We understand the impact consumer review sites have on your business. While we cannot prevent negative reviews from being posted, we can help lessen their impact. Our review suppression techniques push misleading reviews from the top of result pages ensuring that negative effects are minimized. 

Reputation Management Services Include:

  • Monitoring of search results for your brand and company.
  • Monitoring of popular review sites such as Yelp!, InsiderPages, Google and CitySearch.
  • Strategic planning to encourage positive reviews across the internet.
  • Contacting your previous clients to get their experience with your company and publishing their testimonials online.
  • Displaying your client’s testimonials on your website to help conversion.
  • A quarterly press release/newsletter highlighting recent satisfied customers reviews. 

Control your company’s reputation and gain the trust of future clients online!

Starting at $250/month